Little Green Fingers……….Gospel Oak school’s gardening club

Wriggling around
September 25, 2008, 4:03 pm
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Worms working hard!

Worms working hard!

Meet our worms…..and see how happy they are!

We have long held the principle that we should be recycling as much waste as we can. So our garden proudly boasts composting bins, leaf bins, roly pigs (more on those later!) and wormeries. Can-O-Worms to be specific. We take all of our waste from the staffroom and the children’s playtime fruit and vegetable waste and feed it to our worms. In return, they provide us with beautiful compost to enrich our raised beds with.

We have generally done very well with them – even leaving them to fend for themselves over the summer holidays. So today we gave them a quick check to see if everything was ok then topped them up with waste and put them back in the dark.

The new club don’t seem too taken with them yet but I am sure it is just a matter of time!


Week 2: Branch Hill Allotments
September 22, 2008, 12:04 pm
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Allan telling us how it should be done!

Glorious sunshine for our trip up to the allotment today. We have been working with the Observer magazine for a couple of years now. We get to visit the allotment and see what is growing and in return, we start off various things in our greenhouse for them to grow on.

 For most of the club, it is their first visit to an allotment so plenty of excitement in the air. A walk across the site had children identifying things they could see growing.

Then, gasps of ‘wow!’ as we arrived at the Observer’s site to be confronted by the huge corn and sunflowers. The tour round had the children deciding to try and grow chard this year – the bright red and yellow stalks looked so appealing.

Finally, a mixed response at the nasturtium flower tasting! Vince, an allotment holder and regular helper in our own garden at Gospel Oak, invited the children to sample the flowers. Cries of ‘Urgg, too peppery’ to ‘Mmm, quite nice actually!’ from the children but at least they were willing to try them. It’s not everyday you are allowed to eat flowers!

Then all too soon, it was back to school……

Week 1: Apple Crumble
September 15, 2008, 7:10 pm
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The first week of a new term and this means a new gardening club. Each class teacher in the school chooses one member of the class to be in the club and this way we get 12 children, two children from each year group 1 – 6. The club meets every Friday lunchtime and the children stay in the club for the whole year.

And so to this weeks task……apple picking. The trees that we planted a couple of years ago, while small in size, have apples bending their branches to the floor with fruit! A quick visit from the Ham and High (a local newspaper) to document the event then the children enthusiastically pick all the fruit. Inside, the apples are sliced and boiled, the crumble is mixed and within the hour each child has a piping hot crumble from the oven. There are even a few spare for the teachers…Yum!