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Wriggling around
September 25, 2008, 4:03 pm
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Worms working hard!

Worms working hard!

Meet our worms…..and see how happy they are!

We have long held the principle that we should be recycling as much waste as we can. So our garden proudly boasts composting bins, leaf bins, roly pigs (more on those later!) and wormeries. Can-O-Worms to be specific. We take all of our waste from the staffroom and the children’s playtime fruit and vegetable waste and feed it to our worms. In return, they provide us with beautiful compost to enrich our raised beds with.

We have generally done very well with them – even leaving them to fend for themselves over the summer holidays. So today we gave them a quick check to see if everything was ok then topped them up with waste and put them back in the dark.

The new club don’t seem too taken with them yet but I am sure it is just a matter of time!


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Well… learning to eat flowers one week and worms the next, lots for the new club to learn. We never really came to terms with our wriggly wigglers worms, angry writhing little red things not like our big fat friendly earth worms, though maybe more productive. btw, where are the involved parents comments? Only a matter of time?

Comment by allan jenkins

I know – parents I would love your input, especially about how your children are finding the club!

Comment by Little Green Fingers

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