Little Green Fingers……….Gospel Oak school’s gardening club

Week 12: Inside!
November 28, 2008, 2:05 pm
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our planting plan

our planting plan

A wet a miserable Friday lunchtime and we decided to stay indoors – nice and dry.

We took the opportunity to talk about the plan for the rest of the year. We have decided this year that our approach should be to try and fill one bed with the same crop so that we are producing more of each thing rather than sharing beds as we had done before.

So we talked through our planting plan, looked at the seed packets and discussed the different things we are going to grow.

Then things got arty! The children all picked their favourite vegetable and created their very own seed packet with pictures on the front and planting instructions on the back.

They look great and should be ready to post next week.


Week 10: Salad, Onions and Sweet corn
November 14, 2008, 2:14 pm
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composting our sweet corn

composting our sweet corn

We welcomed another parent to gardening club today – Mark. He came to help out and managed to save the day with the leaky water butt! Imogen also came to help out again – I am really pleased that for the first year, parents of the children in the club are coming.

Bits and pieces were the order of the day today as we are running low on jobs now the weather is getting colder (I keep putting off tidying the shed!)

Firstly it was check and water the salad in the greenhouse which is doing very well. We talked about the different types of salad leaves we could see growing and discussed how they had germinated.

Then, we had some more Radar onion bulbs to finish off our bed that we started a few weeks ago. We created our neat rows and 15 more went in so we should have the whole bed ready by June/ July. A couple of worms caught our attention and we talked about insects that help us in the garden like worms and one that don’t like slugs and snails.

Finally, our sweet corn was ready to come out. We talked a lot about the job of the roots and made predictions on how big they would be. Digging deep, we managed to pull them out, break them up and put them in our compost bins.

Getting mucky and worms! The perfect ingredients for a good session!

Week 9: Broad beans sleeping in their blankety bed
November 7, 2008, 5:17 pm
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planting our broad beans

planting our broad beans

During the week, our friends at the Observer kindly sent us an exciting package. The children discovered that it contained a big bag of broad bean seeds – Aquadulce Claudia.

These beans are perfect for autumn planting and we have been growing them successfully for the past couple of years. They are the favourite vegetable of our head teacher Alan and he has happily taken them off our hands and enjoyed them for his dinner on numerous occasions.

We had a lovely empty bed ready for them so after we had removed the leaves and dug over the soil, we popped them in. There they will stay all snug and cosy over winter and should be ready in late spring.

It reminded me of the song ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ which we used to sing at school.

The children however, had never heard of it!