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Week 28: Radish, Lettuce, Peppers and Onions
March 27, 2009, 5:55 pm
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Allan with the lettuce group - did you read the packet?!

Allan with the lettuce group - did you read the packet?!

The rain stayed away today despite my worry that we could have to cancel and we were really pleased to have Allan come and visit from the Observer.

A quick check on how everything was doing (peas planted straight out 3 weeks ago doing really well – the broom handle certainly did the job of getting them planted in straight lines!) before getting going with the jobs for today.

Ann took charge of the peppers, we decided to try a colourful selection – Razmatazz. They went on the window sill with the others and the tomatoes.

Allan headed up the lettuce group who planted two varieties and they went into the greenhouse.

Then my group took charge of the radish and salad onions – straight out into the salad bed to join the beetroot.

With everything watered, the hour was up. One more week before the Easter holidays means that next week will be a planting frenzy. All hands needed on deck!

Finishing the salad bed

Finishing the salad bed


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Great to see the Gardening Club again. As always, inspired to rush up to our allotment to get in peas and beans. Got to catch up somehow…

Comment by allan jenkins

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