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Week 39: Last allotment visit
July 10, 2009, 4:04 pm
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Pumpkin envy!

Pumpkin envy!

A Wednesday visit to the allotment for us this time. All of a sudden the end of term is fast approaching and we wanted to squeeze in one last visit for the club this year.

During our talk about the rules up at the allotment, I asked the children to make sure they asked lots of questions (they sometimes have a tendency to be a bit quiet.) Poor Allan! He was bombarded from the second we got up there! Even if most of them were about why there were various objects on sticks all over the site!

We went over to the Observer site and the children were delighted to see the resident fox put in an appearance. Then, time for a close inspection. I was really pleased that they could identify so much. We were all very impressed by how much they have in such a small space.

After our last visit, the children were all ready for another round of nasturtium eating! We tried the peas too – I have to admit – plumper than ours!

Then of course – despite the glorious sunshine of earlier, the rain started. Have we ever managed a visit where it didn’t?

All too soon, time to head back to school. Howard and Allan said bye to the gardening club of this year but we will be up there again in September with our new crop!

Peas all round

Peas all round


Read all about it!
October 14, 2008, 7:52 am
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hold the front page!

hold the front page!

Sunday saw the club appear in the Observer magazine. Their allotment update included our visit and it was great to see such a lovely picture of us all!

It really is a good partnership. The children get to see that growing vegetables is done by all kinds of people in all kinds of situations and it will hopefully produce a long term interest for them. For the adults, swapping growing tips and getting ideas is all part of it too. Bright Lights Chard will definitely be added to our shopping list this year.

Speaking of long term interests, my dad (who rang me after seeing the article) told me that it is 38 years since he started growing his own vegetables!

That certainly is something to aspire to!

Week 2: Branch Hill Allotments
September 22, 2008, 12:04 pm
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Allan telling us how it should be done!

Glorious sunshine for our trip up to the allotment today. We have been working with the Observer magazine for a couple of years now. We get to visit the allotment and see what is growing and in return, we start off various things in our greenhouse for them to grow on.

 For most of the club, it is their first visit to an allotment so plenty of excitement in the air. A walk across the site had children identifying things they could see growing.

Then, gasps of ‘wow!’ as we arrived at the Observer’s site to be confronted by the huge corn and sunflowers. The tour round had the children deciding to try and grow chard this year – the bright red and yellow stalks looked so appealing.

Finally, a mixed response at the nasturtium flower tasting! Vince, an allotment holder and regular helper in our own garden at Gospel Oak, invited the children to sample the flowers. Cries of ‘Urgg, too peppery’ to ‘Mmm, quite nice actually!’ from the children but at least they were willing to try them. It’s not everyday you are allowed to eat flowers!

Then all too soon, it was back to school……