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Half Term: Salad
October 30, 2008, 2:46 pm
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Our salad leaves growing in the greenhouse

Our salad leaves growing in the greenhouse

All is quiet in the school. The children are off on half term doing whatever it is they do during the holidays.

In the greenhouse however, the salad that we planted a couple of weeks ago is quietly getting on with the business of growing!

Despite the cold weather, the warmth in there is allowing the salad leaves to grow well. A quick water and with the door shut tight, it can carry on until next week when the children can check the progress it is making.

When it is ready, we are going to do a taste test. We will try our own home grown variety against a shop bought pre-packed kind.

I am sure ours will win hands down.


Week Six: Salad Days
October 19, 2008, 11:05 am
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Sharing salad seeds

This week we decided to get some salad growing.

We are taking part in the Morrisons ‘Let’s Grow’ scheme where shoppers can collect vouchers for the school. Our collection box is filling up fast and will allow us to get free gardening equipment such as seeds, compost and even wheelbarrows!

When we signed up to the scheme, we were sent some packets of mixed salad leaves, so each member of the club had their own seed tray where they planted the seeds. After labelling them up, watering and putting them in the greenhouse, we shall see who can grow the yummiest looking salad.

A quick poll of the 12 children asking “Who likes salad?” revealed 4 who didn’t. I hope (as has happened on many occasions before) that after they have grown their own – they will change their minds.

Because for me, this isĀ one of the most important reasons for starting the club in the first place.