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October 14, 2008, 7:52 am
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hold the front page!

hold the front page!

Sunday saw the club appear in the Observer magazine. Their allotment update included our visit and it was great to see such a lovely picture of us all!

It really is a good partnership. The children get to see that growing vegetables is done by all kinds of people in all kinds of situations and it will hopefully produce a long term interest for them. For the adults, swapping growing tips and getting ideas is all part of it too. Bright Lights Chard will definitely be added to our shopping list this year.

Speaking of long term interests, my dad (who rang me after seeing the article) told me that it is 38 years since he started growing his own vegetables!

That certainly is something to aspire to!


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I want to thank the gardening club for the delicious vegetables that they gave me last Friday and which I cooked and ate over the weekend. The carrots were particulalry good.

Comment by Alan Seymour

I think this blog is the best I have ever seen! Very imformative indeed.

Comment by John James Joseph

Hey there! I have been following your progress in the observer and have been inspired to launch a veg club in the school I work in…tied into a cookery club. We hope to grow the veg for our cookery club. We have chickens too! What I need is some serious advice and help in planning our growing year. Any suggestions about who I can talk to? We can pay for professional advice, but have no idea who to approach!! Your help would be very much appreciated!

Comment by maeve

Great news about starting your own club. Will think about help in planning, some books are very useful, Joy Larkham, Carol Klein, etc. Where are you based, there is almost bound to be an allotment association and someone knowledgeable there who could offer advice?

Comment by allan jenkins

Hi Maeve!
Thanks for visiting us and fantastic news that you want to start a club yourself. There are several sources of information that have been invaluable to us over the last few years.
The RHS site has lots of really useful information and a dedicated school section. Garden Organic for Schools is great and has a ‘this half term’ section. You may want to get hold of The Playground Potting Shed by Dominic Murphey, a very comprehensive book about gardening in schools. Finally, you are more than welcome to come and visit us anytime!

Comment by Little Green Fingers

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